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Alpenverein insurance (Worldwide insurance)

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Alpenverein insurance

The "Alpenverein Worldwide Service" is included in the membership fee and offers the following benefits:

  • Rescue costs, insurance for rescues out of wayless area up to EUR 25.000,- during leisure time, in one´s country of main place of residence and abroad.
  • Worldwide repatriation service from abroad: without limitation on costs*.
  • Medically necessary treatment (including medically necessary transport to a hospital) abroad: up to EUR 10,000.–*
    *) Valid worldwide during the first eight weeks of any journey abroad, for leisure and occupational accidents as well as illness.
  • European third party liability insurance for listed types of sports up to EUR 3,000,000.– Year-round. Europe-wide. Deductible for property damage EUR 200.–
  • European criminal law legal protection insurance for listed types of sports up to EUR 35,000.– Year-round. Europe-wide.
    European damage compensation legal protection for damage compensation claims after accidents (listed types of sports) involving personal injury to max. EUR 500.– per insured event

Insurance cover is granted provided the current membership fee is paid before an incident occurs. January of each year forms an exception: If an incident occurs in this period and if the membership fee for that calendar year has not yet been paid, insurance coverage is nonetheless granted providing payment is made afterwards and providing the membership fee for the previous year was already paid. If the membership fee is paid after 31 January, insurance coverage begins with the first minute of the day following the date on which the membership fee was paid. New members who join after 1 September of any year also count as being insured up to 1 January of the following year, although no membership fee is charged for this period.

Helicopter rescue costs are included
Helicopter rescue costs are included



Insurance Folder
"Alpenverein Weltweit Service"

English Edition (latest version)

Claim forms:

Claim form for rescue costs, costs for repatriation and medical treatment

Notification of claim under legal expenses insurance

Notification of claim under third party liability insurance



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